Captain Merrisol of the Solar Flare
Fullname: Merrisol of the Solar Flare
Age: ~1 yr (30 in appearance)
Alias: Merri, Kerf… and Fuffy
Features: Wheat Blond / Sea Green
Height: 6'6" (1.98m)
House: Morfilod of Rebma
Field: Aquatic Innovations
Rank: Captain
Titles: Lord, LT-COL

Introduction or Whatever

Curriculum Vitae

Notable Acts

  • Achievement unlocked: First Charpage

Hooks and Story Arcs

  • She's up to something..

Notable Inventions

  • Patent Pending

Notable Associates

  • Shiona's friend
  • Shiona wants to meet Merrisol next!

Notable NPCs

Emits and creative control of these characters generally fall to the Player. Please inquire before using them.

  • Shiona's NPC
  • Shiona's other NPC

Character Notes

  • Shiona this
  • Shiona that



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