The Duchess of Ruristania
Portrayed by Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Ruristania is a tiny, idyllic, and totalitarian Duchy at the Eastern side of Prussevania, which has somehow managed to remain independent of the great Juggernaut of Prussevanian unification. It is noted for deep wooded valleys, in which many things are said to lurk (usually by drunken, senile, or superstitious villagers), small but highly productive farms, and rich mines, still worked by only very basic mechanisation.

It is also known for the bravery and swashbuckling nature of some of its minor aristocrats, and for their tendency to get into all sorts of hair raising and improbable situations.

It's current ruler is the (young and beautiful) Duchess Irina von Ruristania.

Examples of Possible Character Concepts
Adventurer (in the Victorian Sense)
Local Guide/Ranger type/Woodsman

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