The Emperor of Prussevania
Portrayed by Wilhelm I of Germany

This is a newly risen and far less parliamentary monarchy than Begma- whilst there is a representative parliament, it has very limited powers, and much authority remains vested in the Emperor, and the sub-Princes and Dukes who ruled the previously independent petty states prior to Unification, and the military.

Unification of Prussevania under the Emperor was brought about a mere 25 years ago, and was partly by marriage and inheritence, partly political and partly by short sharp engineered wars ( most notably in the complex political and military manoever known as 'the Socharington-Halpftihm question' of which the great Begman politician, Lord Parmaham said, "Only three people ever understood the Socharington-Halpftihm question- the late Queen, who is dead, a Prussevanian professor, who is mad(der than usual), and myself, and I have forgotten all about it.").

Prussevania is known to favour both military expansion, having an impressive fleet of both Air Dreadnoughts, and ironclad naval ships- albeit less than Begma, and an impressive army, and also often plots designed to undermine Begman and Mariannian influence, with an extensive internal and external intelligence service.

Prussevania has Shadowcrack communications by sea with Begma, and a land border with Mariannia.

Also of note is a land border with a the small, and so far independent Principality of Ruristania. It is believed the unexpected ability of the Ruristanians to withstand Prussvanian influence or invasion may be linked to communication to Northern Kitezh, a fact on which the Princes of Ruristaniaare notably silent.

Example of possible character concepts
Adventurer/Soldier of Fortune/Blade for Hire
Democratic/Socialist agitator
Naval Officer
Spy/Secret Agent

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