Progress Lung

"Progress Lung" is a common affliction of the lower classes of Begma City.

Process Lung results from inhaling coal dust and pollution over a long time. Although coal dust is relatively inert and does not provoke much reaction, it spreads throughout the lungs and shows up as tiny spots on an x-ray. Coal dust may block the airways. In simple progress lung, coal dust collects around the small airways of the lungs. Over time, progress lunch develops into a serious form of the disease where large scars develop in the lungs as a reaction to the dust. Lung tissue and the blood vessels in the lungs can be destroyed by the scarring.

Simple progress lung usually does not cause symptoms. However, many people with this disease cough and easily become short of breath because they also have an airway disease, such as bronchitis or emphysema, and these are more likely to occur in smokers. The severe stages of progressive massive progress lung, on the other hand, cause coughing and often disabling shortness of breath.

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