Pneumatic Tube Party

The Pneumatic Tube Party, known as Tubers more often than not, has come to represent the Voice of the Common Man in Begma. It was born as a lobby for the Metropolitan Pneumatic Transportation Network, a grand plan to build a network of pneumatic tubes throughout the City. This network would provide the transportation of goods and messages within Begma City, therefore raising the standard of living by eliminating the need for couriers and teamsters. There was talk that the system could eventually, even, be expanded to transporting people.

Unfortunately, the project died due to lack of funding several decades ago. Partially-completed tubes lace through the richer areas of the City, while in the poorer areas they have been cannibalized for scrap. While every so often the Tubers attempt to resurrect the Network, the efforts continually fail. Instead, they have turned their political power towards a generalized support for improving the lot of the workers of Begma. They are pro-Labor, pro-Democracy, and anti-Capitalist. They have co-opted the former slogans of the Pneumatic Network Corporation as political slogans, and their posters are plastered across the Working Class areas of the City.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Bomb-Throwing Anarchists operate under secret orders from the Inner Party of the Tubers.

Vote Tube: Taking You Into Tomorrow
Vote Tube: We Can Handle The Pressure.
Vote Tube: Straight And True.

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