The pathaudiogrammaphone is a creation of Engineer Phonicus Dorlish Woodward(NE 274-305), who also happened to fancy himself quite the composer of contemporary musical arrangements. The massive device of brass piping, white membranes, horns and venting is all connected to a central controlling device, which contains all of the letters of the Begman alphabet. A highly sophisticated digital device(meaning, naturally, that one uses their digits to input the data).

It is designed to play whatever emotional description is inputted via the controller interface. Simply punch in a word, such as 'morose', and the pathaudigrammaphone will present a composition fitting the mood! Only three are known to have been constructed. Two survive the late Mr. Woodward, his wife Persophone, and their gathered guests's unfortunate passing. One is known to be in the possession of Montgomery Theodore Harding.

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