Other Parties

Suggestion for Party Names:

1. The Know Nothing Party.
2. The Know Everything Party.
3. The Party in the First Instance.
4. The Party in the Second Instance.
5. The Party Against Minos (no reason or why Minos given)
6. The Caring Party
7. The Begman Independence Party
8. The Residents of Downy St. Johns Street of BC Party (very small party)
9. Begman Mechanical Rights Party
10. The Begman Pro-Steam Party
11. The Begman Anti-Steam Party
12. The Grand Unified Party
13. The Sustainability Hoodlums
14. Market Driven Design
15. The Capitualists
16. The Projectile Party, and their splinter Group, the GREATER Projectile Party
17. The Chiral Purity Party

funny stuff

The Projectile Parties controversial proposal for updating the postal system continues to be tied up in committee, but the Greater Projectile Party has managed to attach a rider to the transportation act to begin a pilot program for shipping.
Eric says "After the failure of the Heliographic Information Transmittal System, no doubt."
Eric says "Bastards probably sabotaged it."
We call this a "Mailgun"
Eric says "MAILGUN"
Eric foom
Eric says "Pneumatic Tube Party"

THere have been minor problems with the postage. The propellant is water-reactive, but people continue to ignore the label and attempt to lick their stamps. Facial Burns are up 23% in affected areas.
Shylock laughs so hard at the projectile party.

Eric says "Vote Tube: Taking You Into Tomorrow"
Eric says "Vote Tube: We Can Handle The Pressure."
Eric says "Vote Tube: Straight And True."

The Methodical Party: Because Government should be a SCIENCE!

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