Count Orouboros

Count Dimitry Orouboros

"Pray, enter my home in peace, and try to leaf behinde a leetle ov zee joy you brink."

Portrayed by Gary Oldman
Name: Count Dimitry Orouboros
Position: Forward looking Ruristanian Country Aristocrat
Hometown: Castle Orouboros

Appearance: Elegant. Long dark hair. Dark ('smouldering') eyes. White teeth. Dressed well, whether in the slightly oriental dressing gown or robes in his home castle, or in Begman style 'walking out' clothes.

Character: Unstintingly polite, in a somewhat 'foreign' fashion, which some Begman might find either quaint, or slightly creepy, depending on circumstances. Long pauses before thought, and heavily accented speech, resulting in sometimes slightly jarring effects.

Locale: For now, Castle Orouboros and environs, Ruristania.

Primary player: Hywel, chiefly for the plot 'Counting on you', and sequels.

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