Regular and Recurring NPCs

Non-player characters are fun. Some of them are of significance, and some just exist to liven up and add a bit of character to a setting. This is a place to link pages for NPCs of either kind, with pictures, situations in which they might be encountered, and some RP notes.

Begma City

Inspector Cyril "Blakey" Blake: His Majesty's Government Inspector of Customs and Excise for the main dock in Begma City

Begma- The Civilised West

Begma- The Wild East



Graf Gerhardt von Krugendorff: Athletic, witty, and educated Prussevanian nobleman at large. Voted most likely to say something like, "So, you see Herr Docktor. Vee are not _all_ Barbarians."


Count Dimitry Orouboros: A forward thinking Ruristanian country nobleman, who has interest in Bettering Himself, and having an experience of Scientific Life.

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