1. Has one big city, Begma City
2. A cross between Victorian London and, if needed, 1880s New York
3. Has three other smaller cities, Facelle, Carcil and Dinalo
4. Outside the cities, it is considerably more MagicPunk/Wild West.
5. Trivial to have MagicPunk/Wild West or MagicPunk/Pirate Adventures.
6. Trains link the cities together.
7. Dirigibles fly people from Begma to Facelle.
8. A huge proliferation of broadsheets and newspapers.

Cultural Notes

- Very Victorian in flavor in Begma City
- Use Deadwood as a model for Wild West feel
- Begma has clear class distinctions between "Upper Class"/"Middle Class"/"Working Class"
- Old families still have Titles
- Titles and Nobility means very little in Begma.
- Begma is often flooded with "newly rich."
- Begma is a very pro-capitalist, pro-corporation culture.
- Dirty factories are the norm. Pollution!
- A very popular sport is curling during the winter. Begmans call this "Chess on Ice."

Government Notes

- Government tends to be incredibly corrupt
- MPs are "drafted" by Parties and made to run
- Ministry of Tourism is, for reasons unknown, a very powerful ministry.
- Ministry of Tourism is also evil.

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