Mystery Novels

David Aulgram Smythe (D.A. Smythe for short) is a popular new mystery writer from Begma. These books are new but they are climbing the best seller charts in Begma and Amber!


Engineer First Class Michael St. Jones lives a life of idle research - or so most people believe. Unbeknownst to most, he secretly lives a double life as The Mechanic, arranging things and fixing things for those who have difficulties. Armed with a steam-powered crossbow and a collapsible mug for tea, Michael prefers cases which do not take him too far from viable water sources. In his first case, he must help the beautiful secretary of the University's dean, found collapsed over his desk, apparentlyin mid-suicide letter. The police fail to notice what Michael's keen eyes detect : the blotting paper is missing. As no eminent scholar of the dean's reputation would begin a letter, even a suicide note, without putting down blotting paper, Michael knows the lovely Della is not mistaken in thinking something is wrong…

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