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As a sketch, opera, symphony and musical theater are all very popular in Begma, but any kind of music industry will focus on the music hall. The music hall is a large vaudeville show featuring a large variety of acts including singers, bands, magicians, comedians, 'East Begman' shows, pugalism, acrobats, and displays of dance. The music hall pushes current music tastes forward, and they showcase performers who play and sing everything from traditional folk songs to ragtime to big band to brass band to very early blues and jazz. Some of the music halls host quite racy acts, since less-reputable music halls often double as bars and gentleman's clubs. Popular singers can become headliners, and headliners bring in big crowds, move to bigger halls, and gain quite a bit of fame.

From a technology standpoint, Begma is running on AC power and only has access to wax cylinders and the phonograph. It does not yet have radio. (I sort of hand-wove some technology for Benedict for his Karaoke scene, mostly because Benedict should be able to get anything he wants out of a shadow, even Begma.) Benedict wants to introduce rock n' roll to Begma, but the difficulty is the lack of invention of the electric guitar or amplifier.

As for the business, it is surprising how much the music business never changes. Club/Music Hall promotors are still looking for the hottest new acts to cross their stages. People still follow their very favorite acts. The higher brow Music Hall scene is written about in the papers. Fame and fortune awaits those who can 'make it' on the stage.

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