Moxon of Amber (Tubal of Begma)

Tubal Moxon, as he is currently known, was born redacted years ago in the mud and smoke of Begma's most Progressive shantytown "pre-approved district." Sired by Prince Caine and an itinerant washerwoman with certain dark predilections, he spent his early years solving puzzles and closing mysteries nobody else could see, delivered by a Dark Man.

His relative lack of supervision, apart from His Highness' sporadic direction and encouragement (always from afar, and to a single end: intuit, solve, prepare: survive) led him to various parts of Begma, a dozen identities, and left a hundred caches and bunkers in his wake. It was on one such operation that Tubal would awake as Moxon and no other, his past wiped away, outside forest Arden.

With only brief snatches of his past ever having returned, his native talent for switches and cogs has left him a reputation as a man with a baker's dozen hair-triggers, usually connected to knives or poison gas — as a scion of Amber, he wades into Arden, spring-loaded for ADVENTURE in defense of the One Forest!

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