Molly Glanworth, once "Bloody Cute Molly", is the daughter of the notoriously vicious Captain “Temerity” of the Intransigent. She was raised aboard ships, and has served under a number of Captains of Minos. The most notable being Captain Dinah “Discordia” of the Golden Apple, who took the young Molly on as a favor to Temerity after an “incident” involving the Intransigent’s new Storm Cannon, obsessive curiosity, a few found tools, and an eventual flogging.

Having arrived in Amber following her mother’s death, armed with vague tales of a Begman fellow, captured at sea, and a “then nine months later, you arrived” story, Molly found herself free for the first time to explore her rumored roots. A trip to the Begman Embassy all but confirmed the rumors, and started Molly down the road of the gadget-obsessed.

Following on the heels of that exploration, Molly has had a change of heart, of marital status, and of career, all in rapid succession. Having recently retired from her shipboard position in a decidedly uncomfortable exchange with the Captain, she now spends most of her time landbound. She’s fully thrown herself into her position at the Chantris Shipyards, but can also often be found working and developing her skills in the Progressive Arts of Begma at “Glanworth's”, the Artificer's Shop run by her husband.

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