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Mel and Stinky's Begman Family Tree

Lady Hortencia Dare nee Petty-FitzMaurice - wife of Lord Percy Dare, daughter of Francis Thomas FitzMaurice and Sophia Petty, CA and sister of Abner Mongomery Petty-FitzMaurice, MP.

Lord Percy Dare - AE, Younger brother of Lord Basil Dare (Duke of Amber House Feldane, Duke of Amber House Dare, and The Lord Dare of Begma) and engineer focused on Steam Applications within Transportation.

Sophia Petty, CA - Inventor of the Petty Pneumatic Switches, Founding Member of 'The Friends Steam and Pneumatic Advancement Society', frequent contributor to 'Pneumatica Quarterly'. Rumoured to be a Tuber but rarely discusses politics when there is anyone even vaguely interesting around.

The Honourable Francis Thomas FitzMaurice, MP-Ret - Former Representative Twitwhicham, Member GUP, Member 'Physics Executive Endeavours Committee' (PEEC). Rumours that he is a descendant of Roger Maurice (known as The Wizard of Ottemshore) hindered his career early on, but his natural charm and huge public wedding to Sophia Petty endeared him to the masses.

Abner Mongomery Petty-FitzMaurice, MP - Represents Posh Twitwhickham, Member of GUP, Backbencher.

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