++Lady Marlene of Amber, AKA, Lady Marla Mittlewell of Vergewood

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Portrayed by Ellen Page
Name: Marlene Mittlewell
Position: Daughter of Random of Amber, Field agent, MOS (Inq. Major, Seer's Office Milite, Ferthellian Hierophancy, status MIA) Sun Queen of Amnycea, member, Amber Ladies' Auxiliary.
Hometown: Vergewood, Westershire, Begma

Lady Marlene, (Widely known in certain circles as the daughter of King Random of Amber, less widely known to be one and the same as Lady Marlene Mittlewell of Vergewood, in Begma's old Westershires, who faded from public view shortly after graduating Begma's St. Egbert Lindisfarne's College of Arts and Literature quite a few decades ago. ) is a mannerly, if noticeably whimsical, Begman aristocrat with a penchant for wearing yellows and golds (according to the season,) seemingly-diverse scholarly and mechanical interests, a fondness for cute creatures, especially the geese of her own heraldry, and various charitable works, including bringing to the Amber Ladies' Auxiliary some much-needed capability for timely response to disaster situations, in the form of some professional military chaps with funny moustaches, who hail from some unheard-of kingdom out in Shadow.

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