The Lovelaces are an old established family that were granted a Dukedom approximately 700 years ago for foiling an assassination plot against the Royal Family by the Duchy of Fairbanks. In fact, the Fairbanks lands became the Lovelace Duchy, and the Fairbanks became ex-nobility.

Personnas of note to the Republic:

Ardon Lovelace: Duke at the time of the Uprising, Ardon was in untenable position. He was a staunch supporter of the scientific method, the Alchemists, and the Artificers, but now they were threatening to institute a Republic and take away his power. He quite publicly waffled for a time, finally standing with the Royalists. He died approximately a century ago, passing the title onto his young son, Armond.

Imar Al'Hazared-Lovelace: A quite striking noble from Alhambra, married to Ardon in a political marriage shortly before the Uprising. Charming, but also rather intense and willfull. Mother to Armond. When Ardon died, she returned to her homeland, where her family serves the Royal Court in various ways, usually as mapmakers and explorers.

Armond Lovelace: The current Duke in Exile, Armond was a quiet royalist and a theoretical engineer…some of his ideas were Way Out There. A few decades ago, something snapped, and he turned very publically Royalist and Mad Scientist, leading his creations against the Republic. After five years, he was defeated, but was able to flee to Alhambra, where he lives to this day.

Annaroxiel Lovelace: Daughter to Armond, raised first in Begma, the Alhambra. Caught the exploring bug from her Al'Hazared blood. Her general over exuberance and friendliness seems a bit of new wrinkle for her bloodlines, however. Recently graduated from St. Thymes…while her father is in exile, she is not. (Despite this fact, rumors abound as to how she managed to gain admittance to the rolls of the college). She does seem to lack the Lovelace brilliance in engineering, although she is certainly competent.

NOTE: Imar and Armond are up for grabs, should we find players, and can be NPC'd. Imar is a bit of an Livia (from I, Claudius) type, but without the urge to have her offspring rule the world. (Yes, I know that appeared to be the defining facet of Livia, but Imar's personality is similar if you take that bit out.) Other family members are also quite possible to introduce, on either side.

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