Graf Gerhardt von Krugendorf

Graf Gerhardt von Krugendorf

"Graf, what do you think of Begman Military Intelligence?"
"I think it vould be a novel idea."

Portrayed by Ade Edmundson
Name: Gerhardt von Krugendorf
Position: Gentleman of Leisure (Prussevania)
Hometown: Krugendorf. Duh.

Appearance: Tall, slim, elegant. Whipcord muscled. Blonde hair, cut short. A prominent duelling scar on one cheek, a monocle in one eye, and a rather obvious limp, for which he uses a (sword)stick.

Character: Graf (Count) von Krugendorf is intelligent, well educated, urbane, and a spy for the Prussevanian Military Intelligence. He spent some (happy) years in Begma, and speaks Begman fluently, although in normal conversation he affects an accent- just enough of one to make it easier to shed, should he need to assume a disguise. The limp is largely affectation- a minor injury, which he exaggerates for effect, again for ease of disguise should he need to shed it. The duelling scar is real, from his Prussevanian university duelling club. He is skilled and very much a man of the World(s). He is also a talented user of advanced Science, which has previous got him out of difficult situations.

Locale: He can be found pretty much anywhere, but mostly Prussevania or Begma. He has a sister in Amber, Siobhan, so it's plausible he might be visiting her.

Primary player: Hywel, can be used by others, but please send Hywel a report.

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