Plot Details for Hywel's Men
Summary: The Amnesiac Begman/Chantris, Hywel Jones found himself in Amber with amnesia, secondary to a head injury. He lead a mission aboard his new ship, Begmania, back to Begma, and discovered with the help of others, that he was in fact believed dead, and a former Minister of War of Begma. He now needs to return to Begma, to look into matters of Begma's past, aware of the fact that he is not merely believed dead, but wanted dead by the Government.
Run by: Hywel
Hywel Chantris Jones
Marlene Mittlewell

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Getting Involved

Players: To be confirmed

Location: Begma City, and other Begman locations.

Plot Synopsis: A trip to Begma to research something of its history. With complications

Suitable characters: Friends of Hywel, Extraordinarii, other researchers in Begma's past, Enemies of Hywel, agents and operatives of the Begman Government. Contact Hywel.

Chance of Death: Low

One off or Ongoing Plot?: Ongoing, probably.

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