Grand Unified Party

The Grand Unified Party is currently the Majority Ruling Party in Begman Parliament. Currently, the Head of the Grand Unified Party in Begma is Sir Cuthbert Q. Adirondack, MP.

In a vicious political landscape where political parties often rip themselves to shreds, the Grand Unified Party is the oldest coherent political party in Begma. The Grand Unified Party was originally the Tory Party early in the founding of the Republic but recently changed their name when they merged with the Grand Physics Party, the Grand Chemical Society and the Trade Unionist Party to form the Grand Unified Party. They have put up a number of prominent Prime Ministers during its long, proud 300 year history and tradition.

The Grand Unified Party runs on a platform of cultural conformity with individual liberty. They believe everyone within the Republic should be free as long as they all generally live the same lives, attend some sort of Religious institution, respect the rule of law and participate fully and freely in the strict Begman class system. They are a firm pro-capitalism and anti-taxation party who believes that money should be in the hands of Engineers who will make things that can be sold to make more money. As traditionalist Tories, they both strongly support King Bertie IV and the political ties with the Kingdom of Amber.

The Grand Unified Party extorts unreasonable dues out of all its paying and voting members. They also draft sons and daughters of the wealthier classes into running for Parliament, and occasionally without consent or notification.

Most Begmans refer affectionately to the Grand Unified Party as "GUP" or "the Guppies."

Sir Cuthbert Adriondack

The Adirondacks are a very distant cousin to the Dares. They need to count up their family tree several generations until they find a match between House Dare and the Holdings of Family Adirondack, but they can find the matching ancestor.

Sir Cuthbert Q. Adirondack is the head of the very wealthy family Adirondack of Begma, a family whose lineage stretches to before the Begman Civil War. He attended the Salisbury School of Law at the University of Begma and thrust himself into the world of political politics from the youngest possible age. His charms, good looks, and smarmy ways elevated him quickly to the head of his party and after a lifetime of background deals and backstabbing landed him voted Prime Minister after the G.U.P. swept into power in the last elections. Like any good professional politician, he has a socialite wife who hosts Dinners and three lovely, lovely photogenic children. Family Adirondack has some ties to House Dare several generations back and considers them to be "Of Good Blood and Relations."

Through a combination of wit, skill, and the dirty tricks of Hieronymous Q. Featherstone, his political fixer, Sir Cuthbert Q. Adirondack has been elected to the Prime Minister of Begma. He lead his party to a trouncing of the Pneumatic Tube Party to bring in a sweeping change of conservative, Tory, firmly Pro-Amber politicians into Begman Parliament. Now that he has a firm grip on Begman power, he has populated the Ministeries with his own cronies and looks forward to a new, bright future of Begman Hegemony. He needed to get rid of Featherstone after the last election and sent him to Amber as Ambassador to get him away from the Broadsheets and political opponents of the opposing parties.

Now that he has power, Sir Cuthbert Q. Adirondack plans to consolidate his political power, further marginalize the influence of the King, reduce the power of his political opponents, and expand Begman territory. While outwardly he directs the face of the Republic of Begma to be staunch, forwardlooking, positive ally of the Kingdom of Amber who offers peace and a mechanized fairy tale land to visitors, his internal discussions are directed to how Begma can leverage the chaos caused by the Black Road to Begman political, economic, and military advantage. With the loss of Oberon and the current political chaos, he wants Begma to rise as a new, prominent power in the Golden Circle and for all to be begging for what Begma has to offer: education, wealth, society, finished manufactured goods, and the sage political advice of the devout party members of the Grand Unified Party.

GUP Theme Song!

Or better yet, I will sing party loyalty songs.
Hail to the Unified Party, Hail to the G.U.P!
For the love of Begma, we pledge ourselves to thee!
For Fortune's fickle favor, for the wealth of In-dus-try,
We swear our sacred honor to the mighty G.U.P!

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