Grand Unified Party

The Grand Unified Party is currently the Majority Ruling Party in Begman Parliament. Currently, the Head of the Grand Unified Party in Begma is Archibald Cyrus Brattle, MP.

In a vicious political landscape where political parties often rip themselves to shreds, the Grand Unified Party is the oldest coherent political party in Begma. The Grand Unified Party was originally the Tory Party early in the founding of the Republic but recently changed their name when they merged with the Grand Physics Party, the Grand Chemical Society and the Trade Unionist Party to form the Grand Unified Party. They have put up a number of prominent Prime Ministers during its long, proud 300 year history and tradition.

The Grand Unified Party runs on a platform of cultural conformity with individual liberty. They believe everyone within the Republic should be free as long as they all generally live the same lives, attend some sort of Religious institution, respect the rule of law and participate fully and freely in the strict Begman class system. They are a firm pro-capitalism and anti-taxation party who believes that money should be in the hands of Engineers who will make things that can be sold to make more money. As traditionalist Tories, they both strongly support King Bertie IV and the political ties with the Kingdom of Amber.

The Grand Unified Party extorts unreasonable dues out of all its paying and voting members. They also draft sons and daughters of the wealthier classes into running for Parliament, and occasionally without consent or notification.

Most Begmans refer affectionately to the Grand Unified Party as "GUP" or "the Guppies."

The Right Honorable Archibald Brattle

In the Spring of 415NE, Archibald Cyrus Brattle edged out his colleague Cuthbert Q. Adirondack as the Head of the Grand Unified Party. He has since led them into a general election win and has almost completed his first full term as Prime Minister of the Republic of Begma. The Cabinet has been struggling to adjust to a relatively untested leader during this period, but the outlook for the party in power remains strong. Although somewhat young for the role, Brattle comes from a wealthy aristocratic family, whose Patriarch, William Conrad Brattle led the party and the Republic several decades ago, his legacy now serving to legitimize Archibald's leadership position.

Mostly unfounded gossip concerning the circumstances of Adirondack's "stepping down from the party and from public life for the foreseeable future, for unforeseeable personal reasons" suggest that in fact the popular leader had disappeared without a trace. Further, to mitigate the chaos and retain a solid grip on the Ministries, the Cabinet pulled Archibald in and hastily groomed him for replacement, whilst engaging in wily machinations within the Party to put him in place without much fuss or challenge from rivals.

GUP Theme Song!

Or better yet, I will sing party loyalty songs.
Hail to the Unified Party, Hail to the G.U.P!
For the love of Begma, we pledge ourselves to thee!
For Fortune's fickle favor, for the wealth of In-dus-try,
We swear our sacred honor to the mighty G.U.P!

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