Dispatches from the Pathi War

Cuthbert Adirondack's Speech Regarding the Bombing of the Embassy to the Begman Parliament

My Fellow Begmans.

Three days ago, Begma fell victim to a Treacherous Attack on our Embassy to the Kingdom of Amber. Without demand, warning, or in fact communication at all, pernicious sorcery laid low our Devoted Public Servants, causing great loss of Life and Property.

This will not stand.

The Republic of Begma has always stood for the rights of men to live free of the tyranny of wizards. The towers that once held dominion over the common man were torn down, the wands broken. For generations, Begma has been a place where Industry and Dedication will always triumph against Superstition and Autocracy. But now, we find ourselves under attack not from those within who sought to rule us, but those without who seek to conquer us.

This will not stand.

The aggression of the Pathi Sorcerers will not be condoned. It will not be tolerated. And it will not, I promise you today, be ignored. After consultation with the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Safety, and the Ministry of Tourism, I have issued our demands to the government of Pathi. We do not expect them to agree; they are not a rational people, not concerned with the needs and concerns of the common man, the working man. Nevertheless, Decency demands that we make the offer, though, in hopes that the fundamental goodness of humankind shines through the perdition of their unnatural society.

Should decency not suffice, you may all rest assured that your Lawful Government will take all necessary steps to secure reparations from the guilty parties, and provide a Suitable Disincentive to any who would dare to strike against Begma in the future.

With the support of the Industry of Begma, with the support of the Strength of Begma, and above all with the support of the People of Begma, we will triumph, as one, against all who oppose the inexorable force of Progress, the manifest destiny of our people, our nation!

Progress is ours, my fellow Begmans! The future is ours, my fellow Begmans! Triumph and victory will! Be! Ours!

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