A Short Survey of Begman Culture

Welcome to Magnificent Begma, the Land of Tomorrow, where Tomorrow is Today and Today is Yesterday and Yesterday is Some Time We Forgot! We are a very advanced civilization complete with extra civilization for good measure! Behold the magnificence that is Begma!


Wonderful Begma City

Imagine if the Great Terra Cities of London, New York and a dab of Chicago got together in the year 1870, merged and produced the jewel of the Golden Circle perched upon the ocean, its rows and rows of great white marble Government and Scientific buildings reflecting in to the bay. Horseless carriages rush back and forth through the cobblestone streets.

East Begma

Stuff about East Begma

  • Use Deadwood as a model for Wild West feel


Cultural Notes

  • Very Victorian in flavor in Begma City
  • Begma has clear class distinctions between "Upper Class"/"Middle Class"/"Working Class"
  • Old families still have Titles
  • Titles and Nobility means very little in Begma.
  • Begma is often flooded with "newly rich."
  • Begma is a very pro-capitalist, pro-corporation culture.
  • Dirty factories are the norm. Pollution!
  • Begma Conglomerated Manufacturing
  • Cult of the Clockwork God

Crime Notes

Life in Begma

Cuisine in Begma

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