A Short Survey of Begman Culture

Welcome to Magnificent Begma, the Land of Tomorrow, where Tomorrow is Today and Today is Yesterday and Yesterday is Some Time We Forgot! We are a very advanced civilization complete with extra civilization for good measure! Behold the magnificence that is Begma!

Cultural Notes

  • Very Victorian in flavor in Begma City
  • Begma has clear class distinctions between "Upper Class"/"Middle Class"/"Working Class"
  • Old families still have Titles
  • Titles and Nobility means very little in Begma.
  • Begma is often flooded with "newly rich."
  • Begma is a very pro-capitalist, pro-corporation culture.
  • Dirty factories are the norm. Pollution!
  • Begma Conglomerated Manufacturing
  • Cult of the Clockwork God

Crime Notes

Life in Begma

Cuisine in Begma

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