Inspector Cyril Blake

Portrayed by Stephen Lewis
Name: Cyril Blake
Position: Customs Inspector- Begma
Hometown: Begma

Appearance: Tall and gangly, thin, wearing a black uniform, with embroidered initials and some medal ribbons on it. Despite the fact it is clearly well made by machine, it somehow seems to fit him poorly, which does not aid the general air of 'jobsworth' and 'petty bureaucrat' he gives off. His face is chiefly marked by a small toothbrush moustache.

Character: Not actually evil, but officious, petty, persistent and so steeped in Order that he might as well be. For all this, he is cursed by a sense of inferiority, which a clever player may make use of, and by incredible bad luck (as sty-lk, but the opposite, applied to his opponents, and not limited to matters of pure luck). The medals are 1: Junior Engineers merit badge from the Boy Engineers of Begma, and 2: Long Service Medal from Customs and Excise. This should probably tell you all you need to know about him.

Locale: Chiefly the docks in Begma City, but he might be found elsewhere in the city, and even, potentially, on holiday elsewhere in the Golden Circle.

Primary player: Hywel, but feel free to make use of him as the situation arises.

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