Begma's neighbours

No shadow, especially not those in the Golden Circle is entirely without reflections and daughter Shadows. Begma has several such Shadows, but one in particular, Estoria is of importance, for it is linked to Begma by a shadowcrack which opened about ten or fifteen years ago and is home to strong Imperial powers who have ambitions to rival Begma as the Great Power of this region of the Golden Circle. These two powers are Prussevania and Mariannia. Much espionage occurs between the three Powers, and this is to be expected. There are also arms races going on, currently rather quietly.

Another rather enigmatic place, in the more distant central Estoria, a region often called 'MittelEstoria', is the small, and so far independent Duchy of Ruristania, a land known amongst those few who have heard of it for majestic forested valleys, pretty but sometimes ruined castles, and illiterate and superstitious peasantry.

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