Begma Intelligencer News

Today's Begma Intelligencer has four interesting articles for the discerning reader:

The Walpole-Watson College of Medicine is proud to present Dr. Lucretia de'Mandrake, the new Duchess of House Mandrake, an Honorary Doctorate of Medicine for her extensive published research with the Cibolan Beetles and the search for Cures for Diseases stemming from the Inconvenient Black Road. The College released the following statement: "We are pleased to be able to confer this degree upon a personage of such a curious and keen Academic intellect. We look forward to publishing her research in the future."

As the current "Kitezh Mania" is sweeping Begma City Dr. Addison Dare, the son of the famed Lord Basil Dare, presented a paper entitled "Kitezh Origins as Pertaining to the Valknut and Vanir" at a packed Kregie Auditorium for the Collegium of Historical and Archeological Artifacts for the St. Egbert's College of Classic and Arts. The presentation has helped fuel the current fashion for Kitezh, including the high sales of blue wings, "Kitezh Parties" and Kitezh-themed beverages.

Dr. Horace Fotheringay, noted Professor of Biological and Evolutionary Sciences at the Walpole-Watson College of Medicine was found dead in his office last night. The causes are currently unknown. The school will hold services for Dr. Fotheringay on the 15th of July. He was survived by his wife and two sons.

The Walpole-Watson College of Medicine has temporarily closed one of the research laboratories at the Thomas Reicht Research Building for Biological Advancement due to unsafe conditions. All faculty, staff and students are instructed to report instead to the Microbiological Laboratory across campus.

In the Begma Intelligencer:


Upon Parliament's announcement earlier in the week in lowering tariffs on Kitezh imports, the Begma Internatlonal Trading Company launched an expeditionary force of 35 men to Kitezh onboard the ironclad Wellesby to survey the land and prepare for possible mining operations. "With a loosening on importation taxes on natural metals and rare earths, Begma's thirst for high quality wire may finally be slaked," said Ernst Detwittler of the BITC. "We have high hopes this expeditionary force will prove successful. An influx in what Kitezh promises beneath her surface will build our analytical engines and enhance our trains and steam-engines. This can only help our business and all of Begma."


To the great outcry of Parliament, Sir Cuthbert Adirondack began the morning's session, originally scheduled with prices on farm subsidies and discussion on a new length of train, with the explosive suggestion that Begma open her banking system and markets to limited partial foreign investment. He gave an impassioned speech on how it is time for Begma to leave its history of political isolationism and embrace the friendship given to them by the surrounding nations of the Golden Circle. "Now is the time that we move beyond our borders and embrace our friends! The Rebmans, who give us safety on the waters, and the Kitezh, who promise to fill our trains full of coal and wire in our watches! We wish to open our economy more to our friends by first allowing the Kitezh to enjoy some of our prosperity in exchange for their admission to our fine Trading Corporations! They shall help lead our trading vessels to never before seen new markets!"

"This is outrageous!" said Louis-Phillippe Tessier-Ashpoole, the leader of the Pneumatic Tube Party, current main loyal opposition to the G.U.P. Government. "We cannot possibly go along with his plans! We're Begmans! We do not open our banks to foreign investment and sell ourselves to foreign capital! Certainly not the Conservative GUP! Sir Bertie is clearly up to something."

The announcement caused the Begman Stock Market to shoot up 200 points on the announcement and possible change in financial policy. However, the Media was torn on the announcement and a protest is planned for this weekend for outside the Government Buildings.

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