Begma Conglomerated Manufactoring

The Begma Conglomerated Manufactoring Company, known as "BCM" is an enormous monopolous corporation located in Begma City, Begma. They have a number of mottos, including:

  • We Make Everything
  • Everything with and without Steam!
  • Saving The World One Nefarious Device At A Time.
  • Setting Records in Safety Warning Standards!

The company's 400-story headquarters is the tallest building in Begma. Rumor has it the BCM is run by 1 President, 30,000 Vice Presidents, and 1 mail boy. The quarterly BCM catalogue, which contains everything from airships to household appliances, is one of the most highly anticipated publications in Begma.

Click Here to see samples from the recent catalogue.

BCM is not, however, the only major manufacturer in Begma. One of its great rivals is the 'Amber Custom Mechanical Engineering' company, which is never known by its initials. It works especially on high end, one-off orders, particularly in the fields of cuisine, and hunting, although its works can be found everywhere, from Amber (somewhat unreliably), to East Begma.

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