The Anarchists of Begma, a loosely coupled network of cells linked together by political philosophy, dream of a return to the old ways when there was considerably more Freedom and less Techno-Fascist Police State. They firmly protest the Begman religion of capitalism. While some anarchist cells are peaceful, many prefer to throw bombs and blow up financial and government centers. Their goal is nothing less than the fall of the Republic before it becomes Empire and is entirely an anti-authoritarian movement.

For many years, anarchy and anarchists were a political theory held in the ivory towers of the University of Begma. Fears of the Anarchists were confirmed twenty years ago with the Baxter Dynamite Campaign, named for Dr. Max Baxter, one of the founders of the Anarchist Movement. Begman discontent within the lower ranks of Begma City had grown after several unpopular Acts passed down from the Ministry of Safety ( “To keep the Great People of Begma Safe!” ). In that March, two University students turned Anarchists formed the Begman Republican Brotherhood, known popularly as the Baxters.

Baxter violence began with the bombing of the Clerkenwell Prison and on several magical-mechanical prisoner transports. Membership to the Baxters rapidly grew. The attacked a police station and, soon afterward, a bomb exploded near the Begman House of Parliament. The police cracked down on the Baxters and, during the bombing campaign, the Media cranked up their coverage to a near hysterical pitch. Three members of the Baxters were executed for treason against the State, although none were founding members of the Brotherhood.

The Baxters were more interested in spreading terror than in causing casualties. They generally attacked landmarks instead of population centers. They targeted monuments and attractive buildings. This was not always the case; over the twenty years since their establishment they have attempted to assassinate three different Prime Ministers and once the King (despite being an ineffectual King.) Lord Emerald Robinson, the Ministry of Trade, was stabbed to death in broad daylight. Nonetheless, they are more interested in destroying popular landmarks than outright murder.

These attacks terrorize the Begman public and the frenzied media coverage ratchets fear up to fever pitches. The response from the Begman government is increased public surveillance, police action, and a further spread of the Begman Police State. Due to Begman Anarchist action causing an increase in sales of Begman newspapers, the Media takes pains to cover terrorist and anarchist actions in other Golden Circle Shadows with alluding to possible future actions in Begma City itself. While terrorist actions from the Baxters have eased, the media reports all possible anarchist activities.

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