The Alders

Alpha Lambda Delta [ΑΛΔ]

This particular fraternity was formed in 13 NE by a group of vibrant young students from all walks of the University. Alpha Lambda Delta was founded by the best and the brightest of Begma's academic circles of its time. Since, it has been lavishly supported by numerous corporate entities and upstanding individuals. The Brothers of Alpha Lambda Delta are more commonly known as the Alders(mainly as it sounds pretty interesting, and partly as an amalgam of its letters, and also that alder lumber has several industrial uses in Begma).

Alders have a reputation for success, and excess. Their financial support is envied by many other fraternities, as they appear to have the resources equivalent to a small municipality to throw about. Individual Begmans and Corporate entities see the worth in investing in brilliance from the start.

They have a special handshake. It is most secret. It consists of the instigator calling out "Alder roots!" and holding out a fist with thumb extended upwards. The proper response is "Alder trunk!" whereby the responding party grasps the thumb in their own fist, with another thumb extended. Finally, the initiator grasps the thumb and concludes with "Alder strength!" This is almost always followed by the consumption of a week's supply of gin.

The fraternity is noted for producing brilliant(not at all spoiled or eccentric) minds for the benefit of Begman society. Their brotherhood is rather tightly-knit, and old brothers are welcome to visit the House for the remainder of their lives. Often such old brothers have become donators to the funds which the Alders enjoy so thoroughly. Some jealous lads are critical of the support members give one another, as such goes well beyond the academic. But an Alder is an Alder for life! Roots in rich soil, and strong boughs for fueling the fires of PROGRESS!

Some notable members of the fraternity include:

Addison Dare Feldane
Montgomery T. Harding

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