Dame Adeline Cornelia Pennyweather of Bardon Hall, Westershire, Begma

Portrayed by Sasha Pivovarova
Name: Adeline Pennyweather
Position: Daughter of Baroness Augusta Pennyweather and Captain Lord James Chantris; Heiress of Bardon Hall, Westershire, Begma
Hometown: Bardon Hall, Westershire, Begma

Standing somewhere around 5'7" with an elegantly feminine sort of build, this young woman is soft-lined and gently curved. Her face is a rounded oval, high cheekbones and a pert nose leading down to full, naturally rosy lips and a delicate chin. Her skin is as fair as winter cream, and her golden blonde hair is complimented by long-lashed eyes that shift between green and blue.

Dressed in the manner of Begma, her hair has been curled and intricately pinned, falling from under a jaunty cap with a dotted swiss half-veil. A corsetted waist supports an S-curve figure, complete with a creamy ruffled front blouse and smartly matching sage green travel coat and skirt. A pleated waistband of gold silk holds a watch chain and a chatelaine sways at the side of her bustled skirt. Pale dotted swiss again makes an appearance, this time in the form of delicate kidgloves clasped at the wrist by tiny golden gear buttons.

Dame Adeline Pennyweather of Bardon Hall is a recent arrival to Amber City. One of the innumerable amnesiacs, she was unique in her ability to recall much of her own sense of self. Brought under the care of the Duchess Mandrake, she took up residence in the Golden Goose Inn and promptly began simultaneously scandalising and endearing herself to the staff. Adeline has become known as a charming if somewhat iconoclastic Begman aristocrat, fond of dispensing with formalities in favour of familiar encounters and hearty debates. Styled by Prince Carmichael as a 'Juggernaut in a bustle', she has a forward sense of humour and a deep breadth of knowledge to sustain it. She claims to be a Theoretical Scientist and devotes much of her time to designing experiments to test various notions that pop into her head. Recently, she has been found to be of scion of Chantris blood and has been welcomed back into her father's family.


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